CAPLES: Bronze, Ambient Guerilla-Marketing

AXIS: Silver, Out of Home Special Build 


0 - G-Sharp in 5.8 Seconds

Mini is one of the world's most customisable cars with literally millions of custom combinations. This customisation promise was pushed to the fullest when we attached 300 harmonicas to a Mini to create the world's first custom built Carmonica.

The harmonicas were positioned with airflow in mind, using a heat resistant adhesive

The car literally hummed about town catching the attention of everyone on the street and was used as a test drive vehicle for Mini prospects

The experience of this simple outdoor idea continued online giving users the option to create their very own customisable music video, along with the change to customise their own Mini.

Visits to the Mini website were up 800% during the campaign and test-drives at the Mini Showroom were double the previous month.

Local TV and print media spread the word, with news of the Carmonica reaching 1.1 million New Zealanders. Top Gear UK has also filmed a piece on the car, set to screen this year during Season 16